Eccles, Lancashire: The OS Maps of 1888-1889; the Municipal Borough Boundary of 1892; and the Census of 1891

A Web demonstration of a project available on CD

The maps of the town of Eccles made by the Ordnance Survey in the period 1888 to 1891 have been re-fashioned into electronic form. In this version the maps can be easily examined in their complete original detail, even down to house level. The maps provided also allow examination of the boundaries that were set when the town became a municipal borough in 1892, and detailed examination of the roads and streets of the enumeration districts surveyed in the 1891 Census. A complete Street Index is provided which links to the census-related maps.

The project has been put onto a CD with easy navigation built in. It calls on Adobe Acrobat for viewing the maps in various levels of detail, so that is accessible to anyone who uses a web browser (such as Internet Explorer or Netscape).

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