Mapping/Cartography Projects

November 22, 2018

A number of projects are in different stages of completion. This is a brief description and listing of some of them. Click on a project name to be directed to its website.

Eccles 1888 OS Map Project This project makes available the 24-inch to the mile OS maps of the Borough of Eccles (Lancashire) surveyed between 1888 and 1893. The project is on a CD, but this link presents an introduction to what is contained on it. It illustrates, from an index map of the Borough, how the user can get magnified views to show even individual houses. Further maps also show enumeration districts used in the 1891 Census, accompanied by a full street index of the town.

Eccles Parish OS Map Project (from 1848 OS 6-inch Map) The parish of Eccles, Lancashire, was still very large at the start of the 1800's, but it greatly declined in the following years. Its extent in 1800 is shown relative to an underlay of the 1848 OS 6-inch map. The map can be zoomed to bring out all the detail of the original.

Eccles Parish Townships about 1800 The various townships and communities making up the Parish of Eccles, Lancashire, around 1800 is shown.

History of Hulme, South Manchester The township of Hulme, only a couple of miles south of the centre of Manchester, expanded greatly in the 1800's. It absorbed waves of working-class people working in the burgeoning industries of Manchester. This shows the development as shown in contemporary maps.

Changing Civil Registration Districts Around Manchester, 1837-1924 Civil Registration began in 1837. From that date, the boundaries of the different registration districts around Manchester (in which births, marriages, and deaths were recorded) altered many times. This map clarifies how these districts changed during the next 87 years.

Expansion of Manchester's Boundaries, 1838-1909 Manchester was a rather small township prior to 1838. At that date it became a Municipal Borough, absorbing several nearby communities (including Hulme). In the next 71 years, it kept expanding, and this map shows a timeline of how the expansion occurred.

Maps of the Salford Hundred, Early 1800's The Salford Hundred was an administrative unit covering a wide area of Southeast Lancashire for several hundred years, and Manchester was a small part of it. Its influence declined precipitously in the 1800's. A set of maps were originally prepared by me for inclusion on the Mancuniensis website of Roger Hart. With this website no longer being maintained, the maps are now provided here, several in updated versions from the originals. The maps show the 10 ecclesiastical parishes which were in the Salford Hundred, as they existed in about 1800.

Manchester Parish, its Surrounding Parishes, and its Churches, 19th Century Manchester was the dominant Ecclesiastical Parish in southeast Lancashire. This map shows its extent and location relative to the parishes surrounding it.

Townships in Manchester Parish, 1800's The various townships that were in the Ecclesiastical Parish of Manchester in the 1800's. A township designation was a Civil concern, not an Ecclesiastical one, so the two concepts should be most commonly considered separately though they are displayed together on this map.

All Maps Made by Harry A. King