Maps of Parishes in the Salford Hundred

Version of Aug 15, 2019

The Salford Hundred was an administrative unit in southeast Lancashire, roughly of the extent of today's Greater Manchester. The unit may have formed even in pre-Conquest times, but by the mid 1800's it was essentially defunct. There were 11 Parishes in the Hundred. The Flixton parish is shown on the Eccles map, and the Prestwich and Radcliffe Parish maps are also combined into a single one. Maps of these were originally published by me on the Mancuniensis website of Roger Hart: with that website no longer maintained nor updated since the earlier 2000's, I am providing the updated maps here.

    Salford Hundred Overview Map

    Ashton Parish

    Bolton Le Moors Parish

    Bury Parish

    Deane Parish

    Eccles Parish

    Manchester Parish

    Middleton Parish

    Radcliffe Prestwich Parish

    Rochdale Parish

All maps by Harry A. King, San Diego, California